Vendor Space Assignments

2024 Jourdanton Founders' Day Vendor Instructions

Presented by the Jourdanton 1909 Association

NOTES: REMINDER!! Informational booths MUST have a children's game or activity and/or prizes. The 1909 Association will be on hand at 7:30 AM to help you find your space if you need help. If you arrive after 9 AM please be advised you will not be permitted to drive on Simmons Avenue, Main Street, Cantrell Avenue, or Crouch Street. You will need to find parking and have a way to transport your items from your vehicle to the vendor area. These streets become public walkways after 9:00 AM. It is illegal to drive on public walkways.

You may not, for any length of time, park in another vendor's space. At 4:00 PM Main Street between Simmons Avenue and Crouch Street will reopen for our 4 PM vendors to exit to the north. If you picked the midnight option and choose to leave early you will not be permitted to drive your vehicle to your space until after midnight.  Please drop your items at your space prior to 9:00 AM (preferably no later than 8:30 AM) and go find parking shown on map below.

AREAS WHERE THERE WILL BE NO PARKING: Simmons Avenue, Crouch Street, Main Street east of Crouch Street, and Cantrel Avenue between 9 AM- Midnight. The Tax Annex, Voting Office, lots behind Conviva or Dornaks. These areas are reserved for the Jourdanton Volunteer Fire Department. NO PARKING AT ANY TIME IN FRONT OF THE EMS! YOU WILL RECEIVE A TICKET FROM JOURDANTON PD FOR THIS. 

Vendors 1 - 20 will be on Simmons Avenue and 21 & above on Main Street west of Crouch Street (Please refer to the map.) There is plenty of parking at the Justice Center and surrounding area. Numbers will start at the North end of Simmons Avenue and the West end of Main Street. Numbers will be marked Friday evening if you'd like to drive by to see where you'll be at. Please keep in mind that vendor space numbers are subject to change for corrections. If there has been a change, you will be contacted by email. Spaces are assigned as they are booked. 

Food vendors should have contact information for Jeff and Shannon Chicoine to get into place. Please arrive a little early to make sure we can maneuver you into place. You will enter from the intersection at Simmons Avenue and Oak Street (Hwy 97). There will be a restroom trailer on the West side of Simmons Avenue in the Voting Office parking lot.

If you violate the rules, you will not be asked to return.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! I wish you all the best success for Jourdanton Founders' Day and welcome your comments.  We appreciate all our vendors!! If you would like to donate a gift card to your vendor booth to our Gift Card walk, either for adults or children, please email


Spots 1 - 20

1. T.Lynn Designs

2. T.Lynn Designs

3. Gant Family Delights

4. Lavender and Pine

5. Lavender and Pine

6. Food truck parking (Mrs. C's 10 AM- 4 PM 
and Grunts Grill 5 PM ╚Midnight)

7. Food truck parking

8. Food truck parking

9. Food truck parking

10. Desert Trails Shop

11. Body Beauties by Courtney

12. Body Beauties by Courtney

13. 3-Legged Dog Crafts

14. Jimmy Girl Mobile Boutique

15. Jimmy Girl

16. Jimmy Girl

17. Jimmy Girl

18. Yolanda's

19. VTX

20. Conviva

Spots 21 - 36 

21-22. Triple G Boutique

23. Bee Creative Needle Arts

24. Leather By James

25. S&G Creations

26. S&G Creations

27. Arabelley Crafts

28. Caroline╝s Timeless Beauties

29. Let╝s Get Knotty

30. Stevens Farm & Ranch

31. Mudda Flocker╝s

32. Babeez Ranch

33. Airy Treats

34. LongCom

35. Terry Goose Crafts

36. Terry Goose Crafts

Spots 37 - 52  

37. Avon with Marina

38. OLE Codger╝s

39. Jourdanton Chamber of Commerce

40. Chipper Chula

41. First Source Insurance

42. Good Sheppard Church

43. Southern Pear Silos

44. Kings Needful Things

45. Wild Palomino Boutique

46. Rise Broadband

47. Gigi's Vintage Crafts

48. Grammy's Crafts

49. Brancy's

50. Brancy's

51. Don't Box Me In

52. Don't Box Me In